Window Tinting

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When a contractor works on any home, they should have insurance. While it is not likely that a window tinter will break something inside a home, it’s still better to choose a company Pacific Tint Las Vegas that protects its customers by investing in insurance. With this coverage, homeowners are protected in the unlikely event that something in their home is damaged or broken.

The recent uptick in rehabbing old structures has been a boon to the business of Stone Masters (1707 Henke, 636-561-3055), which has taken on some of the more venerable projects in town like the Coronado Building, the Moolah, the Chase and newer structures such as the Ritz-Carlton. Stone Masters’ Vic LaRico says Stone Masters won a 1997 AIA Craftsmanship Award in Kansas City, though the majority of their business is local, with frequent jobs in Clayton, the Central West End, Chesterfield and downtown. LaRico adds that his company, which has been in operation since 1988, has done some work in Atlanta and Wisconsin, though St. Louis’ old buildings and relationships with builders like Clayco and Alberici keep them plenty busy in St. Louis proper. The company specializes in marble walls, ceilings, floors and steps. LaRico says that many of our older buildings have perfectly functional marble pieces that simply need freshening up,” which is the company’s bread-and-butter.

This product is as good as advertised. If time is taken when applying to windows, it is not difficult. It took me approximately 30 mins/window to apply. I would recommend using ample amounts of the application solution, as this helps reduce the static buildup of the film when handling prior to application and also helps with its adherence to the window when applying. The film has drastically reduced the amount of heat that comes into our west facing windows and, in turn, our electricity usage.

Prevents fading- 3M Window Films are created to lessen the effects of solar heat recognizable light on your furnishings and choke out up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, which are the largest reason behind fading. While no film can stop fading completely, our film dramatically slows the progress of fading to keep your establishment looking beautiful.

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